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Social Media is one of the most important aspects when it comes to establishing a website online. It’s so important that it’s easily overlooked, dismissed or put in ‘the too hard basket’. But just having a website online sometimes isn’t enough. It’s about being found (SEO), connecting with new and exciting customers, building a business’s or websites brand or enhancing customer relations. Jumping into the Social Media realm is rewarding and the effort can pay dividends for any type of website.

There are many reasons why a business or website would turn to Social Media. If planned and executed well, Social Media marketing can be one of the most cheapest and effective modes of online marketing. Promotion of your products in relevant and product niche Social Media channels can help you in increasing your return over investment (ROI) and is proven to be a highly effective lead generation tool.

Businesses and websites alike can use a multitude of Social Media channels to build better branding and credibility for users and customers. Social Media channels are flexible when it comes to engaging with customers and opens the door for customers and website visitors to provide valuable feedback normally sorted through surveys or email campaigns. It’s also a free news channel and can be used to announce new products, services, team members or anything relevant to a website.

Effective Social Media campaigns can play a major role in a website’s search engine rankings. Since most of the search engine giants are going on with real time search results, the social media updates and bookmarks can help your site rank much better in the search engines and help users and customers find your website where they are looking. Using Social Media channels can become highly powerful traffic generation sites bringing relevant and quality traffic to any website.

But it’s important to remember quality over quantity. Having your foot in every Social Media channel doesn’t guarantee an increase in traffic or a pile of new customers. Choosing the channels that are relevant to the website or campaign is crucial and investing time in setting up the channel is paramount. Social Media users know the good from the bad, so spamming or flooding the channel with rookie mistakes can mean the Social Media mountain becomes that much harder to climb.

So what’s some important tips to remember? We hope these will help you to get started and find the right direction for your website and business.

1. Choose the right channel – Don’t flood every Social Media tool out there. Starting with the big guys (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) is standard but spend the time to discover where your customers are most likely to be. Look further into the Social Media realms and discover where your niche customers are (Tumblr, Flickr, LinkedIn).
2. Quality over quantity – Don’t tweet or spam your way to the top. You’ll quickly discover your Twitter followers count disappearing before your eyes and your Facebook ‘like’ count at 0. Be open, transparent and engage in a conversation with your existing and potential customers and website visitors. They’re not robots and won’t appreciate 100 spammed tweets.
3. Go the extra mile – Take the time to set up the Social Media channels properly. Invest in custom background designs and logos. It will help you to get noticed, followed and build your website’s overall brand.
4. Maintain, maintain, maintain – Don’t get set up the channels and run. Social Media is about persistence and the time and effort you put into establishing your Social Media presence or campaign will help with search engine rankings and bringing quality traffic to your websites.
5. Learn and discover – The Social Media world is changing every day. Pay attention to what’s new and talk to your customers and website visitors about what channels they use. It will help you to attract more traffic and potential clients and also help for your website to be found in the hippest place on the web.

We can’t go without a plug to our Social Media channels. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and we’re always open to new friends, conversations and learning a thing or two. Join the GoMedia team, we’d love to be friends.

Missie | GoMedia Group

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