Tutorial Series: Essential WordPress Plug-ins

Plug-ins can extend any WordPress site to do almost anything you can imagine. From SEO to spam blockers, social networking buttons to forums, if you can think it, it’s pretty much [...]

Get Connected

Social Media is one of the most important aspects when it comes to establishing a website online. It’s so important that it’s easily overlooked, dismissed or put in ‘the too [...]

Open Forum: tell us what you want!

“Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open.” Thomas Dewar’s quote is something the GoMedia team has always embraced. We believe in always keeping an open mind, being open to new [...]

Why We Use WordPress

We sometimes get the question as to why we have decided to use WordPress as our publishing platform or CMS of choice for not only our own websites and services such as our Instant Website Kit, [...]

Feature Website: Learning to Blog

We are blessed to have some of the best clients a company could wish for and we’re as proud as punch of the work they are doing using the GoMedia InstantWeb Package. Each month we’ll [...]

Standing out from the Crowd

One thing about the World Wide Web is that it’s massive. Every day, millions of people are browsing; some for the first time others as internet veterans. But what does it take to get [...]

GoMedia Blog Launched

We’re excited to launch the GoMedia Blog! This will be a space for us to share with you the latest news, updates and information about our services, team and everything GoMedia. So what can [...]