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One thing about the World Wide Web is that it’s massive. Every day, millions of people are browsing; some for the first time others as internet veterans. But what does it take to get noticed? What makes people stop and spent time on your website? You could sell them the next set of steak knives or a weight loss product that’s too good to be true. One thing that many people take for granted when starting off with their website is over looking design. Whether it’s taking the cheapest and quickest option or spending a small fortune and a few months getting a website designed and developed.

A website’s design is one of the most fundamental aspects to success. It needs not only to appeal to the eye, but make the user engage and interact. From buying products to commenting on a blog, from clicking on ads to providing useful and meaningful information a website must be more than flexible in accommodating a wide range of users and visitors at any one point.

There’s one thing that we don’t compromise on and that’s website design. With every Instant Website Kit, you get over 80+ professionally designed themes trailed and tested by our very own team. We even use our themes too. We’ve bundled an incredible package of one click website designs that mean at any given second you can transform your website into a visual artwork, getting you noticed, standing out from the crowd and building your user base.



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  • Sandy Peters

    Hi Missie,

    I just read your tweet that said there is over 24 billion web page on the web and counting! What a fact and focuses the importance of web design even more than ever before.

    One thing I like about WordPress is the capacity to easily manipulate a web page design to as you say, help it ‘stand out from the crowd’. It’s so important to keep the design fresh and innovative just as much as keep content fresh is and using WordPress allows me to easily change and re-invent my website’s design for my audience.

    Great theme showcase as well. I think there’s a great selection of designs.


    • GoMedia

      Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for your comment. The 24 billion web page figure was at March 2010, so with an extra year behind our belts, standing out from the millions of websites floating on the world wide web is even more critical than before.

      Website design can be about fun. It doesn’t have to be all bells and widgets. Gone are the days of flashing boarders and animated GIFs. Simplistic and modern designs with the end user in mind do the trick and help to keep the audience coming back time and time again.

      It’s great to hear WordPress fits perfectly for you in regards to web design. It’s the perfect tool in so many areas and one of the reasons why we use WordPress for our website and for our clients.

      Thanks Sandy,
      Missie – GoMedia Team

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