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When thinking about writing the latest post for the GoMedia Blog, I had myself thinking, where do I start? There are thousands of topics I could potentially blog about. From design to social media, from hobbies to food obsessions…. the world really is my oyster. But then I came across ‘604 Blog Post Ideas for When Your Stuck’. That struck a cord. When does blogging become more than just a rant or rage about any old thing?

Blogging is one of those things that can start from a thought, a feeling to share ones-self with the world, a desire to provide more valuable and tangible information or even make a passive online income. It’s a dear diary for the web and one that can take us places when never imagined (case in point, Pete Cashmore the guy behind mashable.com who is worth $3.8 million in 2010 from blogging alone).

But blogging is more than just an online diary. It can be an essential component to any online business. It provides valuable SEO, allows businesses to connect with new and existing clients and can mean the difference a website and THE website.

So when thinking about a blog for your website, it’s best to think outside the blog. Consider –

Just do it

Start your blog now. A blog is just a website (or an off-cut of your current website) and it’s nothing to run scared about. Taking those first steps can really make a difference with your website.

Open the front door to audience

Who will read it? Think about the tone or direction of your blog. Have fun and play a little. It’s a chance to show the inner workings of a business or provide valuable information to those who seek it.

The BLOG is the word!

How will people find your blog? A link from your website navigation or from your Facebook page? Make sure you get your blog noticed and spread the word to get visitors flocking in numbers.

Keep your customers coming

Think about building your blog visitors into repeat visitors. Blog with a personality and allow your audience to connect with you.

Fresh is best

Keep your posts coming. Fresh content and help with site rankings and build a valuable online presence.


Think outside the blog when it comes to your blog posts. We blog about everything from WordPress tips and tricks, to news on our latest home page changes and showcase our latest clients. It’s all about keeping a real approach and keeping your audience coming back for more.

It’s not difficult to start blogging or even to get a website online to blog. We can help you with that and can even give you the helping hand to start you in the right direction. All you need is the drive to put finger to keyboard to become the world’s latest (and greatest) blogger.

It’s an open mic below. Tell us your thoughts.

Missie | GoMedia blogger

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  • Shalia Smith

    “Keep your posts coming. Fresh content and help with site rankings and build a valuable online presence.”

    Well said and one of the most important points. Without fresh content, the blog is static and won’t help to build a return base of readers.

    Great post!

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