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WordPress have released the new 3.2 version, happily titled ‘Gershwin’. What better way to mark an update then to give you a easy-to-understand birds eye view of the changes you can expect with your update? Let’s get started with what’s new to WordPress 3.2.

Key features to WordPress 3.2

Firstly there are 5 key updates.

  1. Support for Internet Explorer 6 has been dropped. You can still use IE 6 to access your dashboard, but you won’t get the best out of WordPress.
  2. New default WordPress theme titled ‘Twenty Eleven’ which improves on ‘Twenty Ten’ with bigger slider features and a more robust interface design.
  3. Full browser editing. This has got to be the best feature to come out of WordPress 3.2 with full screen editing, no distractions just pure content editing.
  4. Redesigned dashboard that’s more polished. It’s one of the biggest updates to the WordPress dashboard since WordPress released 2.7 and the changers well welcomed.
  5. Under the hood requirements. Along with a new theme and dashboard changes, this release officially drops support for older versions of PHP and MySQL. The new requirements mean that PHP 4 and MySQL 4 will no longer be supported. The new basic requirements are PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.

Get started with a video

Even better? Why not get all the info you need about the WordPress 3.2 update from a video straight from the WordPress team.

If you haven’t already done so, updating is easy. Just log into your dashboard and activate the update link to 3.2.

What’s your fabourite feature with WordPress 3.2? We’re loving the full screen editor. Let us know your thoughts below.



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